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Accounting Enhancements, Inc:

This site is programmer oriented. Someday I may design it to look pretty. See superiorusa for an example of a better looking web site. But all of the rest of my site developement is application based and behind logins so I am not able to show them.
I am currently a 1 person company (Consisting of Lee Lofgren) and most of my time is spent working on projects for SuperiorUSA Corporation. SuperiorUSA Corporation is a benefits management company that manages pension and cafeteria plans as well as payroll processing.
I maintain the payroll portion of the company, enhancing the Payroll Front End (which is currently written in MS Access) and backend which is written in a version of Business Basic running on linux servers.
I was in the processes of converting the front-end to Java and some of the routines that are needed for the underlying architecture is on this site and shared under an open-source license.
I was then starting the process of converting the font-end in to a web based application. But that has now been canceled as well.
I specialize in the following areas:
Hardware and OSes:
	Networking and Wide Area Networking
	Workstations: Windows 95 through Windows 10
	Linux Firewalls
	VPNs (ipsec and pptp)
	Windows servers NT through 2012
	Linux servers for various purposes such as databases, web, ftp, mail, storage, etc...
	SCO Unix servers (including virtualized SCO Unix running in VMWare)
Services (various types of servers):
	email servers using sendmail, zimbra, and others, including MS Exchange, Novell Groupware, Gmail for Business, and office365
	DNS name servers and DHCP servers
	cifs (samba) (window shares for files and printers) servers
	ftp, sftp, sshd, and other file sharing servers
	web servers Apache, tomcat, tux, ruby extensions, etc...
	rsync based internet backup systems, supporting multiple customers to remote backup sites.
	  includes multi-day web based restore and virtualization of servers for rapid remote disaster
Project Development and Analysis:
	I have performed process analysis and development for customers in various segments
	of industry including restaurant development, heating/cooling, plumbing, construction,
	and sales of everything from nick-nacks to customized bob-cats. This includes workflow
	analysis and redesign, as well as putting progams in place to help increase efficiencies.
	Programing alone can't help increase a customer's bottom line, and, often decreases
	the bottom line.
Programming (Close to complete list of languages I've used):
	pascal including borland
	bbx, bbx/2, bbx/4
	ruby and ruby-on-rails
	vb, vba
	sql 95 - 2000
	hpgl (Laser Printer language)
	postscript and pdf language (printer and document viewing languages)
        various scripting languages such as perl/php/python/sh/csh etc...
	html/javascript including web-2.0 whatever that means ;)
	various web toolkits such as Google toolkit, Dojo, etc...
        various assembly languages including x86
	postgreSQL (including back-end programming of functions in c)
	Microsoft SQLServer
	pvx - including access through sockets
        and other random ones to lesser degrees.
Assorted Accounting and Collaboration software:
Server Virtualization:
	VMWare Workstation 4 through 6
	VMWare Server 1 and 2
	VMWare ESXi 4
	VMWare ESXi 5.x